The Importance Of A Smart City

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A smart city is a city that is encapsulated with basic infrastructure to enhance the life style and quality of its citizens by using digital or information and communication technologies. Smart city is a way to improve the performance and efficiency of urban services such as health care, mobility, transport and traffic control management, water, energy, electricity, waste and sanitation management, IT and e-governance services, security and other government services to help reduce resource consumption and costs. Smart city solutions are developed to handle real time challenges faced by the citizens and provide appropriate responses for them and also to manage urban flows properly. A smart city connects the physical, social, business and IT…show more content…
These spaces comprise of new innovations that can be beneficial for economy and environment.

2) SMART People: Educated and skilled people play a vital role in making a city a SMART city by their ability to discover new innovations and social interaction. SMART people can provide their educational experiences and e-solutions so that the citizens can have a source of information.

2.1) Education and Training: Due to globalization and emergence of new technologies, well educated and trained citizens are increasing day by day. This is the reason why universities are having a strong and major presence in SMART cities.

2.2) E-education and E-learning: Digital resources for learning and training should be provided to offer benefits to people such as flexible hours, more interaction and reduced costs. E-learning programs are becoming common due to penetration of ICT and shortage of time of
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Platforms such as on-line surveys, social networking, chats, forums and emails can be used to participate in e-democracy.

4) SMART Mobility: Public is provided with facilities so that they can access technologies and use them in their daily life. These include intelligent and efficient transportation, socialization attitudes like car pooling, bike sharing, car and bike groupings, moving people, vehicles and goods.

4.1) Connectivity and ICT infrastructure: Broadband and other high speed internet subscribers have been increased due to new ways of interaction, learning, entertainment and work. Additions to computers are mobile phones, smart phones, mobile devices and mobile internet for communication means.

4.2) Public Internet Access: Wi-Fi hotspots and municipal spaces with computers and internet are made available in public areas by SMART cities to benefit its citizens. High quality and speedy internet connections are available at reasonable prices to make it affordable by all

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