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For one person to have enjoyment may stand for many different things. For a girl it could mean having a spa day. For a guy, it could mean going to watch sports while shoving hot wings down his throat. Most would not consider it fun to be scared while running for your life. However, I find being chased by the Boogie Man with a chainsaw into an unknown house is exactly the type of enjoyment that I would rather have than having a spa day. My favorite place to go is to a corn maze. Going to a corn maze is no joke. Right off the back they set the tone by playing scary music while you’re waiting in line to buy your ticket. While you’re waiting you notice that the employees that are selling you your tickets don’t look like normal employees from a…show more content…
While walking in the maze with hopefully a close friend of yours, you start to just think you are walking for miles and you start a conversation about how dirty your shoes are. Then just like you take one look at your shoe and looking back up there is another horrible looking monster that you know from a well know movie is now looking at you. Down the corn maze you go running and running until you can’t run anymore. At least that is what you had thought, because you look behind you and there he is, that monster is breathing down your neck like a fire breathing dragon. You would think that as fast as you were running you were up against Usain Bolt in the 100 meter dash. In this corn maze you don’t realize how much running you have done until you have exited the maze and sat in a chair. This is also one of the quickest ways to go running. Going in a corn maze you never realize how much time you’ve until you look at your watch. A corn maze can cause so much enjoyment for you and it’s worth every penny. Just every bit of the corn maze is well thought out and would think it takes someone to have a weird mind to think of something that scary, but fun at the same

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