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Employees spend a major part of their lives working that is why it is important for an employer to ensure that a naturally good working environment is provided. Controlling the work environment is a crucial factor in determining the satisfaction of the employee. The more the employee is satisfied in the environment the more motivated he/she will be and the more productive he/she will be, resulting in the employee reaching all deadlines, having work organised, lessening stress and eventually bringing in more money for the company (Peters 2013).

It is known that negativity is contagious, when an employee is dissatisfied with some aspect of his work it normally rubs off on other employees. When this happens employees tend to think of other things and don’t concentrate on their work this makes them more prone to mistakes. Mistakes are bad for employee and
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The act aims to advance economic development and social justice by ensuring fair labour practices, making and developing basic conditions of employment and then ensuring that these conditions are followed and enforced by all organisations in South-Africa.
It also ensures that any international standard set is also followed.

To ensure that the working environment is a good one you as employer or even and employee must identify the signs to a bad working environment.
If interaction is not happening in the workplace it is clear that there is a problem. Silence is a big sign of unhappiness in the workplace (Peters 2013).

In order to ensure that there is interaction in the workplace, the employer can assign group tasks for employees to finish or even give each other partners to help with problems that he or she might need help with. The employer can also have team building expeditions to help employees bond with their colleagues as well as interact with

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