The Importance Of Aboriginals In Canada

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The Aboriginals are an important and impactful group of individuals in Canadian history. They show how Canada has come a long way but also represent how we have a long way to go as well in ensuring the protection of Aboriginals and their culture. Aboriginals have been oppressed by the Canadian government for many years and continue to fight against restrictions in order to preserve their traditions. The mistreatment of Aboriginals is significant to Canadian history because of the mental and physical abuse they endured from Residential schools, the progressive changes from the Indian act, and the lack of basic needs being deprived on the reserves.
The creation of residential schools is significant to Canadian history due to the physical and
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The Canadian Encyclopedia states “The experience was traumatic for many Aboriginal children, who were removed from their families and subjected to harsh discipline, the devaluation of their culture and religion, and even physical and sexual abuse” which shows how the culture of aboriginal has weakened, making many Aboriginals to question their self identity as they don’t understand where they came from and the roots their families were molded from. Many First Nation children felt distressed due to the isolation and loneliness when at these school. One example being, Chanie Wenjack, a student who ran away from a residential school as he missed his family and he later died due to starvation and the cold. This was the first death the government impacted on. The Canadian Encyclopedia reports that “students were isolated and their culture disparaged, removed from their homes and parents separated from their siblings” which is important to Canadian history as it leads to the greater percentage of depression in Aboriginal communities today. Another example being, Indigenous children were told the way they lived was immoral and were forced to learn a
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