The Importance Of Abortion In Australia

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Abortion is when a woman intendedly ends her pregnancy as to not have a child. There are different types of abortions, the medical abortion and surgical abortion (bpas, N.D). There are various reasons as to why a woman might want an abortion, sometimes it’s as simple as not have protected sex, but others it can be more complicated, the baby might not be healthy, it might be dangerous for the woman to go through birth, the woman could have been raped. There are also underage girls who are sexually active, who by no means would be ready to have a child, it would completely change their lives. Australia has different laws on abortion depending on the state and Territory, in the Northern Territory abortion is allowed under the providence of a legal explanation and doctor’s approval (CHILDREN BY CHOICE, 2015). There is not much data information on abortion available in Australia but from what is available it is predicted that 1 in 3 Australian women will want an abortion (CHILDREN BY CHOICE, 2013).

There are lots of opinions as to why abortion should and should not be allowed. There are some people who think abortion should not be allowed as they will be taking a life away but there are also people who think women should have a
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Some people opposed to abortion say it gives a means of getting out of another issue. Megan Clancy an abortion oppose has written “There are women who are raped and become pregnant; the problem is that they were raped, not that they are pregnant. There are women who are starving who become pregnant; the problem is that they are starving, not that they are pregnant. There are women in abusive relationships who become pregnant; the problem is that they are in abusive relationships, not that they are pregnant.” A number of people are against abortion as it can be problematic for the women in the future while others are opposed as they say it will not ‘free women’ (BBC,
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