Nursing Code Of Ethics Case Study

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“I chose life,” Leaf said, “because before the diagnosis, he was loved by so many. I am a strong believer in Christ, and I just prayed and asked Him to send me a sign on what I should do. From that day on, Jacen was a very strong mover. You could see his feet in my tummy pushing against my tummy!” This part of the article was taken from the Live News Action (2015). The article states that the mother refuses abortion after health care professional advise the parents that the baby likely die before even his/her birth. Both parents refuse to stop the pregnancy and gave birth to baby Jacen. One can imagen how family will be devastated when they hear bad news about their baby. They stand in the middle of their faith, culture and moral values.…show more content…
When we have the conflict we need to see our patients. The need of patients should full fill first. Fowler (2015) states in the ANA code of ethics “the primary obligation is the patent. (p. 15). The nurse should participate in the care of baby k .As a nurse, we needs to give a dignified care for the baby and family members. In the nursing code of ethics, Fowler (2015) describe provision 1 as “The nurse in all professional relationship, practice with compassion and respect for the inherent dignity, worth and uniqueness of every individual, unrestricted by considerations of social and economic status, personal attributes, and the nature of health problems.”(P.1)This nurse code of ethics obliged us to give good care with dignity regardless of age or health condition. In the same manner nurse should participate in full in care of baby…show more content…
Their religion required them to protect any life starting from the start of the pregnancy. According to Dombrowski (2017) life in catholic describe as “….if a fetus, even in the earliest stages of pregnancy, is person, then to abort it knowingly (or o experiment lethally on it) is ether murder or something closely approximating murder. “ The family and the health professionals should respect the religion of the family. According to McCann, a known Irish Times writer says “…who are able to cuddle the baby for hours or even days report this as a contented and full filing experience which they wouldn’t have missed for the world “Moreover, parents can denote the organ for other recipient. The treatment in any way preserving the organ and extending the days help other families waiting for organ donation. To conclude, the health care professionals should participate fully and advocate for the family. Preserving the life has a double goal. First it helps the family to spend that short time with their baby k and it also helps other families who are waiting for organ or tissue donation. As a nurse we need to respect the decision of the family regardless of our value or culture. Giving full and dignified care for this devastated family is our moral and ethical
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