Singapore Abortion Ethical Issues

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Introduction Abortion is one of the controversial issue face in worldwide. The word abortion comes from the Latin “abortio”.There are two types of abortion induced abortion where the mother decide to terminate the pregnancy before birth and the other is spontaneous abortion which result in natural death of the fetus in the womb. In Singapore abortion is legal. There are about 10,960 abortions in Singapore in 2012.According to the termination of pregnancy act law there is no age limit for abortion procedure in Singapore. But however pregnancies over twenty four weeks are forbidden unless there is a special circumstances (MOH, 2015).

Body Given the case scenario part one a sixteen year old school girl has disclosed to her teacher that she
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Under autonomy the nurse should respect the gal’s decision on terminating her pregnancy. In Veracity the gal who is helpless came to the nurse to seek help,So as a nurse she should provide the right information on the process of an abortion. Under confidentiality the nurse is responsible to protect the gal medical information. She shouldn’t be disclosing the pregnancy to any third parties. In fidelity the nurse need to be loyal to the gal by reassuring to allay anxiety. In Beneficence when making any decision for the gal the nurse should consider for her welfare first. In Non maleficence during the conversation the nurse should opt for the right choice of words to prevent any insensitive words to further cause any emotional harm for the gal. Finally under Justice just because the gal is sixteen years old the nurse shouldn’t show any biases to her. Failing to act upon any of this ethical principles as a result it may cause harm to the gal. If proved the nurse can be charge under malpractice breaching of her duty. The nurse can be sued, fined or even get dismissed from her work depending on the severity of the…show more content…
As nurses we need to advise our patients carefully about any healthcare decisions making but should never override patient rights. Although abortion is a crime in our personal belief we still need to provide a competent care to the patients. I believe nurses should practice the nursing methods by using the APIE process in order to solve the ethical dilemmas at work. As for abortion till today it’s still a debatable issue. It can be ethical or not ethical. But keeping in mind having an abortion last forever in your

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