The Importance Of Academic Achievement

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Introduction Education is the best wealth a nation can give to her citizens especially to the youth. The development of any nation depends largely on its quality of education. It is believed that the basis for a nation’s true development must begin with the development of its human resources. Much then is said that formal education remains the vehicle for social-economic development and social mobilization in any society. (Ababa, Gallarde, Gica, Gillado, Laoc and Oncone 2012)
Education plays a very important role in improving the quality of life of every individual for it aids in the development of human skills, knowledge and experience. The topmost priority of educators is the quality of student’s academic performance. It is not only meant for making a difference locally but globally (Farooq, Chaudhry, Shafiq and Berhanu, 2011). Academic achievement assumes primary importance in the context of education system aimed at progressive scholastic development of the child and human resources development. The academic development of every child continues to be the primary and most important goal of education. The importance of academic achievement has raised important questions for educational researchers. What factors promote students achievements? To what extent do the factors contribute towards academic achievement? (Ranaswamy,1990)
The role of socioeconomic status can’t be denied in this context for it has a considerable effect on individual’s academic performance.
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