The Importance Of Academic Atmosphere

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Atmosphere (Academic Atmosphere) The academic atmosphere aims to shape the character of the students mainly related to the main academic values of scientific and creative attitudes. This atmosphere is built from interaction between students, from the interaction between students with teachers, interaction with parents and also the physical environment created. Master holds a central role in establishing this academic atmosphere in its classroom teaching activities and applies to all those involved in the education system. The next question is how to build this scientific and creative attitude in the operational activities of daily education? For this we need to be aware of the core values that must be inculcated into all the components involved in educational activities that are held. The scientific stance in question is an attitude that respects the intellectual outcomes of both self and others, in addition to being critical in accepting the results, the intellectual result.
While the creative attitude here has the intention of attitude to continuously develop the ability to solve problems and develop knowledge independently. To build a Scientific Attitude needs to be embedded honesty value, and the value of criticality (skeptics). While is building a creative attitude needs to be invested in perseverance, and curiosity. Furthermore, these core values need to be translated into various codes of ethics that serve as guidelines in day-to-day operational activities
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