The Importance Of Academic Burnout

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An academic is a knowledgeable person who main duty is to transmit knowledge and information but not only that, they also transmit norms, value and sanction to students. However, due to the massive change in information technologies, knowledge and also society demand for a better teaching and learning quality, an academics not only just the one who transfer knowledge to student but they need to expand their role beyond education. Nowadays academics are expected to have more interaction with the students and also help to correct their social problem such as family problem, relationship problem and addiction on drugs or alcoholic issues. Furthermore, academics also need to cope with the rapid change in work environment to adopt and adapt new knowledge and skills so that they can perform all the task effectively and efficiently. All these massive revolution in education will lead the academics to face high level of stress and also burnout. Burnout is a psychological term that refers to a person who experiencing long-term exhaustion and lack of interest in work. In this journal article, they point out that most of the academics experiencing burnout characteristic which they feel physical emotional and mentally exhaustion when doing their job. In addition, academics who do not experience a sense of well being at work, the consequences they will face is to leave the working field or face high level of stress. Academics who feel burnout, stress and dissatisfied with their job are
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