Burnout Analysis

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An academic is a knowledgeable person who main duty is to transmit knowledge and information but not only that, they also transmit norms, value and sanction to students. However, due to the massive change in information technologies, knowledge and also society demand for a better teaching and learning quality, an academics not only just the one who transfer knowledge to student but they need to expand their role beyond education. Nowadays academics are expected to have more interaction with the students and also help to correct their social problem such as family problem, relationship problem and addiction on drugs or alcoholic issues. Furthermore, academics also need to cope with the rapid change in work environment to adopt and adapt new…show more content…
Burnout is a psychological term that refers to a person who experiencing long-term exhaustion and lack of interest in work. In this journal article, they point out that most of the academics experiencing burnout characteristic which they feel physical emotional and mentally exhaustion when doing their…show more content…
The research questions in this journal article are what is the demographic background of academics in private universities in Malaysia with burnout characteristic and also what is the distribution of the total quality of working life score is significantly different among academics with and without burnout characteristics? In order to have a result for the questions, there are two research methods. The first method is the Maslach Burnout Inventory- Educators Survey (MBI-ES), this method is used to test the demographic backgrounds of the academics who experiencing burnout characteristics. This survey comprises a total of 22 items measured on a seven-point Likert scale from 0(never) to 6(everyday) from three sub-scale which are the emotional exhaustion when they feel emotionally tired, personal accomplishment which the things that achieve in their life and depersonalisation which means lost contact with your own personality or emotionally numb. This survey is use descriptive statistic to summarise the respondent demographic background. This survey shows that respondent who has high score in both emotional exhaustion and depersonalization sub-scale and low score in personal

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