The Importance Of Academic Dishonesty

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Academic dishonesty used to be more challenging to do since the cheaters did not have accessible . Technological advances have been made to improve communication and access to knowledge with only a few clicks. Schools have been implementing technology into the classroom since it contains a vast amount of information all in one spot. Having easy access to knowledge was ultimately supposed to help pupils learn quicker than before. College students are taking advantage of their access to technology in order to cheat in their online courses.

Academic dishonesty, in schools, is gradually becoming more common. A study from 2006 mentioned how more than 70% of the scholars had seen a form of plagiarizing, which is believable since scholars that cheat more tend to see academic dishonesty occur frequently(Ma et al.; Miller and Young-Jones). Learners use the cheating culture as a way to justify themselves so as to feel less guilty. Although they know academic dishonesty is wrong, students deem it to be less immoral if others are being academically dishonest as well. Most learners feel the need to conform so they imitate what they assume to be the societal norms based on what they’ve seen happen around them.

Many pupils subconsciously assimilate school and video games with the need to succeed. If they ever get stuck or frustrated in either, there are cheat codes and websites they can depend on to help them win the “game”(Kaufman). This leads the students to surmise that cheating is
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