The Importance Of Academic Dishonesty In College Students

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Academic integrity is the foundation of the university to success, which means honesty, fairness, trust, and responsibility, in other words is the moral or ethical. This includes cheating or plagiarism as evidence in values (Robert 2012). Every person in a community has the obligation that promotes academic integrity, prevent dishonesty, and punish offenses when they occur to support practices. Academic excellence depends on these values. In scholarship, the rules of honesty must be obeyed by the students and faculty, thus indicating that all efforts of an individual should refer to the academic work. Academic assignments are to help students learn and grade exist to show how fully the target is achieved. Therefore student’s own effort and…show more content…
Academic dishonesty in college students not only lowering the learning experiences, but it can lead to failure in the course or even students can be expelled from the university. Communities on the academic expect all their members to author original and authentic work. Learning and involve both individual and corporate effort, like any significant endeavor. The creation of knowledge would require an intellectual dialogue about the community. Recognising the special role of the contributor's own work is a fundamental academic responsibility. Education can empower and assist individuals to find and search for intellectual voice within themselves in a courteous dialogue with other languages (George 1983). Student plagiarism is not a problem on many college campuses. Two main approches are used to prevent the agency calls to treat plagiarism as both morally wrong or a crime. But the universal can not really successfully. Institute often find the problems of plagiarism as a matter of morality makes the code of honor. The code attract students to do everything that is right. The codes hold that, with the right social pressures, they…show more content…
The two main ideas are the classroom and the campus environment. In the classroom, we must increased the use and exam essay questions. Research shows that there is only one deterrent that can be used for cheating on tests that are continuously effective for report essay. Also, we need to sit down random for inspection, because students usually always sit near their friends or be friendly with the people around them during the test, which allows students to sit where they want, can increase the possibility for copying answers. The last one is widely spaced seating during exams. Research shows that, if students believe to others who commit fraud, they will be more likely to do the same. One study found that students with a strong mentality more possible to cheat when the opportunity and the temptation arises. by separating the test taker will be useful to minimize the possibility of doing

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