The Importance Of Academic Failure In Education

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Every educational institution put effort and support to help all students succeed. However, rates of academic failure and dropped out are problems not just on the part of the school but also for many college students who are in the adjustment period (Cherif, A. et al., 2013). Some students are able to overcome academic failure and successfully completed their college course. But for others, failure can be the end of their tertiary education or take other option which is enrolling in other institutions. In the enrollment statistics of La Salle University-Ozamiz City from 2011 to 2015, an average of 42% among 1st year enrollees did not enroll in the following year. From this statistics, many reasons can be driven. In a survey (Cherif, A. et al., 2013), students reasons for failing were grouped into seven main categories. These are motivation, study habits, academic preparedness, external factors, attitudes, instruction and instructional materials, and relevancy issues. In faculties’ perspective in another study of Cherif, A. et al. (2015), the reasons why students fail are categorized into three. These are student related factors (such as not ready for college, lack of effort, lack of motivation or interest and personality issues), life and socio-economic issues, and educational system failures. This shows that motivation and academic preparedness are the major cause of failure and are factors under student control and responsibility. Students are the sole responsible of

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