The Importance Of Academic Performance

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There is a problem about locus of control and Ubuntu virtues. It looks like these variables may correlate with academic performance. Academic performance is about how students perform in their exams. The last three examinations are important. One has to add these exams and find the average to see what a student’s academic performance is. Academic performance is important because it a correlates with a person’s success. People who are more successful have higher academic performance. People who are more successful also show higher levels of wellbeing. Wellbeing is a psychological construct that correlates with general happiness that a person experiences in his or her life. There is a relationship between academic performance and age. Older students do better than younger students. A large number of studies confirm this. There are many reasons why older people perform better. The main reason is that they are more focussed in life. They know why they study and they are serious about their studies. Younger students are not always serious about their studies. They also do not always know where they are heading in life. The relationship between academic performance and gender is not clear. Some studies indicate that female students perform better than their mail counterparts. But there are also studied that find the opposite, and other studies that find no relationship. There is a further contaminating matter, which is about the subjects that the students take. In some subjects

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