The Importance Of Academic Words

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One of the vital parts of learning a language is learning vocabulary. The more vocabulary words learners know, the more they will be able to understand what they hear and read; as well as the more effective learners will be capable of saying or writing what they want to when speaking or writing. Especially, when learners read some academic texts, they find some vocabularies which they do not know. These vocabularies might be called academic words (AW). Moreover, learners are able to apply the knowledge of academic words to write their writing work. As a result, the researcher is interested in frequency analysis of the word families in Academic Word List (AWL) by the corpus-based study.
To beginning with what academic words (AW) is, words occurring in a wide variety of academic contexts with a high frequency and wide range of occurrence throughout scientific disciplines are academic words. Additionally, Nation (2001) claimed academic word is acquainted with various terms such as generally useful scientific vocabulary, sub-technical vocabulary, semi-technical vocabulary, frame words, and so on. They are encouraging in but not essential to the topics of the texts in which they occur. Thus, academic words are not the most outstanding in academic texts (Coxhead, 2000). Moreover, Valipouri and Nassaji (2013) stated that academic vocabulary falls somewhere between technical and general words. Furthermore, academic words play an important role in learning and teaching English for
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