The Importance Of Academic Writing

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Academic writing is a distinct genre that is marked with impersonal and formal style and complex structures making it a very difficult skill to acquire. Therefore, the importance of acquiring the writing skill in a way that enable learners to produce texts that are cohesive, coherent, and stylistically appropriate cannot be overstated. Cohesion and coherence are important features of successful academic writing; due to their importance, writing research continues to investigate how they can be achieved in EFL learner writing. In academic writing, it is especially important for the writer to “mark” texts to make them coherent. This can be achieved by using discourse markers because they signal what is important and set the connections between sentences.
There are different classifications and definitions for discourse markers provided by scholars. This is an essential issue, because it reflects manifold views on functions and status of discourse markers and their taxonomy. Although discourse markers are also termed in the literature as, pragmatic particles, discourse connectives, pragmatic markers, parenthetic phrases, etc., discourse marker is the most general term in the literature used to refer to this category; it is observed that “discourse markers” and “pragmatic markers” are the most frequently used terms in text linguistics (Ulyana, 2015, p. 596). Fraser (1990, 1993) uses the term “discourse markers” in his earlier works, while in his later works (1996,
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