The Importance Of Academic Writing

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A very important communication tool in the academic world is the academic writing itself. Through it, many scholars and researchers are able to express and share their ideas, studies and conclusions on a topic or a specific field of study. However, the process of writing is not that easy. Academic research is a complicated process that requires a lot of knowledge, time, hard work and special skills. You could be an excellent researcher, but if you are not able to share your achievements with others in the proper way, you have done nothing.
Before writing on a particular topic, you have to get as much information as you can from different reliable resources. After collecting enough information, you will be able to think in a critical way, make your own assumptions and why not, get results no one did before. At this point, understanding the ethical boundaries is essential to ensure your career gets off to the best start possible [3].
Growing up, we were taught that stealing is wrong and for that you should be punished. We were also told not to cheat in order to get estimated for what we really knew. On the other hand, since we were in primary school, we have been forced in an unconscious way to cheat. There is always paid attention to the perfection and so,
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