The Importance Of Academic Writing

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Academic writing is an important skill that all college students should be proficient in. Throughout college, many undergraduates struggle writing successful argumentative essays, and as a result they come across as incompetent or unacquainted with the subject matter. The book From Inquiry to Academic Writing, and “What is “Academic” Writing” aim to teach incoming, novice writers different tips, and skill sets to write academic, as well as scholarly articles.
“In the strictest sense, academic writing is what scholars do to communicate with other scholars.” states Stuart Greene (2018). In higher level education levels its imperative to learn how to communicate with other professionals, and scholars. Stuart Greene stresses the importance of learning the process of the “scholarly way”. Academic writing is a learning process and like anything else it takes practice.
Reading like an academic requires much more than just “reading”. Academic reading requires that you analyse articles, and make inquiries on why the author wrote that way, or why they chose that particular viewpoint. When reading an article, Greene suggests breaking down articles and reflecting on whether the parts of the essay work together. As an analogy, Greene compares reading academically to presidential charts printed in news papers. First the charts state the name of the candidates on the left, and to the right it includes who the candidates are, and what the candidates stance is on an issue. When you begin
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