The Importance Of Academic Writing

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Academic writing is a form of written communication. It is different from other forms of writing; it is distinct, clear and concise. It is a skill that is grounded in the cognitive domain. It involves learning, comprehension, application and synthesis of new knowledge. Therefore the ability to crack the code of a good academic writing, whether it be for the purposes of a first-year student essay or a PhD. Dissertation, it is a very important criterion for the success of a student within the environment of higher education.
This study considers and explores on what is the code into good academic writing, how it is constructed and most importantly how does one achieve it. Academic writing encompasses creative inspiration, problem-solving, reflection and revision that results in a completed manuscript. Perhaps from a student’s perspective, especially the first year student, writing may instead be a laborious and even a dreaded exercise of attempting to place thoughts on paper while developing mastery over the rules of writing, such as spelling, citation format and grammar. It helps the student to live out the academic culture, which involves the ability of the student to demonstrate at a higher level, their understanding, and interpretation of knowledge and information of a specific discipline as well as the implications thereof. Therefore due to the actuality that a student is assessed based on the quality of their academic writing papers that they produce , it is thus
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