The Importance Of Academic Writing

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INTRODUCTION As part of our Study, Research and Writing Skills module we have been asked to describe our understanding of academic writing using relevant literature. Prior to my research for this Essay my understanding of academic writing was that it was a style of writing used for essays and reports. I had little understanding of the rules and conventions associated with academic writing. I would have thought it acceptable to use abbreviations and contradictions and I was unaware of the connotations of writing in the first person. Throughout this essay I will explain academic writing by backing it up with relevant references. This essay will examine what academic writing is and the rules thereof. When is it used? Why is it important? “Academic writing is unnecessarily complicated, pompous, long winded, technical , impersonal, autoreactive, humourless, elitist and excludes outsiders” (Hartly 2008). Academic writing is different to writing a letter or email as it has its own rules. It must be objective and factual, not subjective or personal. WHAT IS ACADEMIC WRITING What is Academic Writing? “Academic writing is a style of writing used to fulfil a requirement of a college or university” (Your Dictionary 2016). It necessitates providing and discussing information on a particular topic referencing literature to back up your writing, all the while trying to keep the reader’s attention. Academic writing should not be personal and must be written from a third

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