The Importance Of Academic Writing

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As I sit here in class thinking about how well I was prepared for college, I start to think about how I can help students who are currently in high school and getting ready for higher education. I am not an expert, but I tried to gain as much knowledge as I can before I wrote the essay. I wrote an essay about the importance of academic writing, and the role that it plays for college students. In my essay, I provided the students with three characteristics of effective academic writing that I believe they should have before attending college. I believe that my essay is successful and effective because it contains a well written introduction, solid claims with good evidence, and finally, a conclusion that connects to the thesis.

For students who aren 't familiar with writing and its importance, it was necessary for me to provide a well written introduction. In my introduction, I supplied the audience with a summary on the subject of writing, I made the subject relevant to the students, provided my opinion on writing, and finally, ended the introduction with a good thesis. After the introduction, I provided the audience with a summary about an academic article that I recently read. I used the article as a resource for me to prove my thesis. The academic article contained all of the important characteristics of academic writing that I wanted to talk about, and that 's why I mentioned it in my essay. Then I went on and created a paragraph to prove each part of my thesis. In each

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