The Importance Of Accidental Education

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Destini Thompson Mrs. Hardgrove AP English 7 March 2018 Intelligence is not derived from the child itself, it originates in the parents or guardians of said child. While growing up, parents teach their children proper manners, but society avoids teaching children the importance of firearm safety. Accidental shootings in the United States are becoming a bigger problem than they used to be; the statistics grow a significant amount each year. Unfortunately, those numbers mainly rise with defenseless children and teens. These adolescents are victims of accidental shootings due to the lack of education they are provided with. Parents are not teaching their children how to properly handle and respect a firearm. Along with the parents, society feels…show more content…
Deborah Gilboa, a family doctor, said that enforcing firearm safety and respect will yield better results when compared to enforcing the fear of a gun (Shaw). Firearm safety educational programs serve a purpose to inform children how to prevent unsafe situations when an unsecured gun is near them, not to make them cower when near a firearm. Gilboa agrees that allowing children to become educated and practice firearm safety can lessen the fear of guns in a stressful…show more content…
The mentality is that more guns lead to more violence. The argument is not to give every child with a firearm, it is to simply educate them to prevent further shootings due to being ill-informed. Denise Dowd, a doctor from the Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, feels that “kids’ brains simply aren’t mature enough to be trusted around firearms” (Chang et al.). Dowd believes that no matter how often a child practices gun safety they cannot control their impulses or stress during a situation involving a firearm. However, practice makes perfect. As children start kindergarten, they are taught how to react if a fire begins in the school. By the time they reach the junior high level, they know the phrase “stop, drop, and roll” by heart. Along with fire drills, children are taught to protect their head if a tornado drill is issued. The same type of mindset can be put towards gun education. If a child is taught from a young age to respect a firearm and realize the damage it can do, fewer children will be tempted to pick one up when they find a gun left unattended. When the shooter is a clueless child, something must be done to stop the death rates from going up (Rosenthal 72). The NRA feels that their education programs can stop some of these accidental shootings. Their experts agree that there are three vital rules when dealing with a

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