The Importance Of Accountancy

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Introduction Accountancy is considered as simple yet remarkable profession today (Aseron, 2014). According to Lopez (2005), since its existence, accountancy as a profession hardly gained recognition compared to other professions like in medicine and law. Aside from this, the profession maintains the highest mortality rate among courses that require board examinations. Records given by the Philippine Regulation Commission revealed low national passing percentages during 2012 and 2013. Despite this difficulty, accountancy emerged as the most in demand profession considering the impressive growth and development of business in the country. Accountancy as a profession can build a positive attitude towards the job due to a lot of organizations to work for and various job opportunities. It offers an abundance of career paths along its engagement in the public and private sector. The practice of accountancy will be valued as the chief means in the advancement of financial market and economy. Accountancy is a preferred program because it is in demand across any industry in the world and it provides assurance in terms of job stability and career satisfaction (Lopez, 2005). The objective of this study is to determine the reasons why first year students at De La Salle Lipa took Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. The researchers also want to identify the factors that most commonly affect the student’s personal motivation in choosing a career. In addition, it aims to give

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