The Importance Of Acting In A Ten-Minute Play

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I never thought I’d act onstage in front of an audience, reciting the lines that I never thought I’d memorize. Last year, I never even wanted to act in the ten-minute plays. The only reason I auditioned was that Mrs. Koski, our director at West High at that time, had a rule that even if you wanted to be on crew, you still had to audition. Most of the people who just wanted to work on crew thought that her rule was stupid and pointless. Because I wasn’t that confident with being on stage and with speaking in front of the other people, I was afraid. This year, though, I auditioned for the ten-minute plays. Even though I only received a pretty small part, I was just happy to be in them. “Remember, there are no small parts, just small actors,” a very inspirational quote by Constantin Stanislavski.
Usually not many people audition, but there are always more girls than boys. There are normally about six to seven plays that are chosen to be produced. At auditions, the student directors choose the people who they think will portray their characters the best. There are always those people who audition with everyone knowing that they would get one part, at least. Because of not many boys auditioning, some boys are shared between the plays so they
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It made me want to be on stage more and it even made me more confident to be on stage. Not only did it help me become more confident, I actually started to feel like a part of the drama club family. The drama club family is very supportive of each other and we all get along. We all care about the same thing, the theatre. We all pitch in to help, whether its cleaning and organizing the Green room, cleaning up the auditorium, or cleaning the stage. Being a part of this family has helped me grow as not only a person, but an actor as well. That auditorium and that stage will forever be one of my favorite places and hold many happy

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