The Importance Of Being Open Mind Analysis

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“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change” (Albert Einstein). By being receptive to change, one 's mindset can open up a new level of intelligence. Many articles such as “7 Benefits of Being Open-Minded” by Dani Dipirro and “The Importance of Being Open-Minded” by Sydney Dreason shows that being willing to change can help someone overcome various problems. The best way to respond to conflict is by being open-minded. By being amenable, people’s eyes may be open to new ideas, provides active listening, and builds communication skills. One might say that being open to new ideas is pointless in silly arguments however, in today’s society more and more important conflicts are rising. In an article called, “The Importance of Being Open-Minded”…show more content…
For example, Elie Wiesel expresses the negative outcomes if society were to ignore ideas. In Wiesel’s Nobel Peace Acceptance Speech he states, “Human rights are being violated on every continent… How can one not be sensitive to their plight?” Human rights are very important therefore if society is willing to listen to others hardships, then the world could realize the true horrors that people have to endure. In an article called “The importance of Active Listening” the author states, “When you accurately reflect back to a person what’s been said, you show that you’ve been listening—not just hearing—and that you genuinely understand the feeling/s or message/s they are trying to convey. This creates an environment that allows the speaker to go deeper, and sometimes even to come to new realizations” (Mulvania). By listening to others people are more likely to be open minded and accept other opinions. Author Amée LaTour writes, “One of the best ways to expand that horizon is to expose ourselves to other thoughts, ideas, opinions, values, experiences and perspectives. We do this by opening our ears and minds to them. We do this by listening.” This proves that active listing can not only make someone realize the wrongs in society, but also allow one to experience new perspectives and experiences. Finally, Active Listing is a great way to respond to

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