Essay On Active Resistance

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In 1939,WWII began when Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party invaded Poland, causing six million Jewish people to fear for their lives. This fear began when all people had to complete a census and carry an identification card. Second, the Jews had to wear the Star of David, and they forced them into ghettos. Third, they were taken to concentration and death camps. For example, in “Resistance during the Holocaust’’ and “Violins of Hope” we see different ways of actively and passively resisting Nazi authority. People can best respond to conflict by actively resting because I would rather die my own way not by being gassed, also to avoid shame and guilt, and to fight for my family and my freedom.

First, active resistance is beneficial because you
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For example, in the article “Resistance during the Holocaust” it shows ways people actively resisted and did not get killed in the gas chambers. “The revolt…show more content…
In the artical “Resistance during the Holocaust” Jews would be put to work “there assignment was to dispose bodies of the gas chambers victims…”(3). This is telling you that the people who didn’t fight their families died in the gas chambers because they were not useful or to old to work. This is why if you fought your family would have a better chance of survivel because even if they were to old to work you could still fight and if they don’t fight then they would automatically die. Also I would want to fight for my freedom not follow the Nazi’s rules that could get all of my family killed. Some may say that you should stay passive because you could just listen to the Nazi’s rules and if they needed you then they would put you to work like playing the violins. Also they would say that you could die either way and passive would be a easier way to stay alive. I disagree because I would have a very hard time following what I don’t belive. I would also have a hard time just watching them take your freedom from you and innocent people like teachers,family,and
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