Carrier Protein Research Paper

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There are some integral proteins embedded in the phospholipid bilayer. Carrier protein is one of the integral proteins. The carrier protein provides the passage for the ions or large, polar molecules to move across the cell membrane. Some of the ions or molecules need to make use of the carrier proteins with the help of concentration gradients. Nonetheless, some molecules which are important to human body sometimes need to go against the concentration gradient.
There are two types of ways for the ions or molecules to pass through the cell membrane using carrier proteins. They are active transport and facilitated diffusion.
In order to understand transporting which molecule is important to human, undering the transport process is important.
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Glucose transporter 1 (GLUT1) is a kind of carrier protein responsible for the passage of glucose across the plasma membrane through facilitated diffusion or active transport. If the extracellular concentration is greater than the intracellular one, the glucose have to be mediated by carrier proteins for diffusion owing to the polar nature. Otherwise, the glucose will be transported by active transport. Being an important source of energy for human body, glucose is to maintain cellular respiration, which helps the synthesis of ATP, an energy source for primary active transport, such as the Na-K-ATPase. The lack of carrier protein results in blockage of glucose. Physically, insufficient of glucose will lead to a level of low blood sugar, which is known as hypoglycemia. According to Taylor and Rachman (1987), the low blood sugar will result in a poor cognitive function. The low blood sugar level will result in loss of consciousness and a rapid heart rate. Metabolically, lacking in glucose is a hindrance for ATP synthesis as well as the primary and secondary transport. Lacking in ATP will be a barrier for Na-K-ATPase to function. The resting membrane potential of our cells cannot be regulated normally. Neurotransmitters will function abnormally and will send wrong signal to our central nerve systems. Our human body will faint in the
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