Epistemic Approach

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Writing a research article is an integral activity. Special forms of academic writing are the

central part of every Thing . Students need to gain fluency in writing an English to develop their

learning . So one of the most significant element in writing that learners must employ is stance

(Hyland 2013). Learners should be able to understand and describe the factors of stance marking.

By this process they try to analyse and describe some relevant text . So from this views , one

of the aspect of stance is to persuade learners to accept the authors views than facts (Gilbert &

Mulkay ,1984; Latour , 1987 , Myers ,1990) . This chapter will give us a better understanding of

the concept of stance through research articles .
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One of the most difficult part in academic writing for Native or Second language learners is

how they can use stance markers for their views toward the researchers (Neff , 2003) .

Degree of certainty, (doubt) , reliability and limitation of statements which include comments on

source of information are three major important part of epistemic stance (Conrad & Biber ,

2006) . They added that the concept of stance is nearly to evaluation in terms of the attitudes of

speakers or writers , feeling about proposition that they are talking about .

The term stance can be defined as making of knowledge, assertions , claims , personal

expressions and attitudes . According to studies , stance is one of the most important device for

writing that needs writers present their cliam cautiously and accurately in order to access

certainty for their statement (Hyland , 1996) . Many writers or speakers use to convey their

personal feeling and assessments . This Investigation have been done under various

labels”evaluation”(oches , 1989) , “evidentiality” (chafe & Nicholes , 1986) , “hedging” (Holmes

, 1988; hyland, 1996) and “stance” (Barton , 1993; Beach & Anson , 1992; Biber&Finegan
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Attitudes indicate the affective of the writers to

propositions, surprising, confirmation, frustration rather than commitment . Verbs like, (agree ,

prefer) , Adverbs (unfortunatlly, hopefully) and Adjectives (appropriate, logical and remarkable)

are used in text to indicate attitudes marker for conveying surprise , Agreement and frustration .

2.3. Appraisal Theory and Function

According to Wan (2008 , p. 2) ,” appraisal theory is a tool for evaluating attitudinal meanings

in texts in a systemic way”. Appraisal is an approach to explore the way that language is used

to manage interpersonal positioning and relationship . It is refer to how speakers or writers

judge with their utterances , material objects and states of affairs , and their relations from those

who have not the same idea from others . Many writers use appraisal theory through academic

writing , because this theory make a text meaningful and it shows to be more specific than

general and closely concern with particular context of situation (White , 1998) .

Writers use Appraisal theory , because this approach in writing are fragmentary but we need
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