Motivation In Adolescence

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“Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.” Unknown
These lines seems to be so true when it comes to talking about adolescence , can they are able to fulfill their dreams , yeas they can and being motivated by us, society, school, peers friend around them can make their dreams come true.
I choose these topic how adolescence are being motivated in classroom. Is just the teacher and school are the factors which can motivate them or family, peers, society are also part of their classroom motivation. Before moving towards motivation lets understand what adolescence means in terms of Indian context.
Adolescence is a stage of emerged or achieved identity.
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It has been treated as natural phenomena associated with teenagers. But I believe this is misguided thought. Let’s go back 30 years at that time when no shopping mall, no electronic gazettes, were there. Teenager use to get involve with adults and they work hard. Because they were motivated to do so. For e.g. during my adolescence I was very much interested in decorating my house and learn to cook etc. It was intrinsic to me. I use to connect that work to my future and for that I was motivated by my parents. There was sense of significance and value was attached to the work .But now teenagers are not motivated because they are not able to relate to what they are asked for. What parents may do to motivate adolescent child. As we studied this is the time when they want to feel significant. They want make world feel that they are important, and they are capable of doing lot many thing at this age only. But now this problem of theirs is ignored or demolished. Important is talking and making them understand the importance of particular work. For e.g. one of my student asked me what is the use of algebra in real life? He seems to be not interested in learning it. He found my computer science paper more significant .Making them understand he usage of these kind of…show more content…
Although research on motivation is extensive, few researchers have examined teachers' perceptions of teacher motivation and its impact on student achievement. The All participants reported that teacher motivation affected student achievement and they believed it played a role in their student's achievement. Findings provide district and community stakeholders with an understanding of the perceptions of mathematics teachers' on teacher motivation. The research findings suggested that some teachers were dissatisfied that student achievements were linked to salaries increases. The implications for positive social change include improving teacher motivation, which may lead to improved student academic achievement. For e.g. When I was in my school my Physical education teacher himself was very motivated because our school girls use to play athletics at state level as well as national level. And he use to get so much regonigiton , so keep motivating us, taking extra practice. Working on holidays. So even students they use to come for extra practice and enthusaisacally participate in competition. Now few of them as taken sports as

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