The Importance Of Adria's Behavior In P. E School

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During P.E class in my fourth grade year, Adria had smashed my head into the bleachers. We were getting ready to play dodge ball my favorite game in P.E. I was very happy that day too because I was going over to my best friend Gage’s house after school. We were sitting up in the bleacher waiting for Mr. B to pick teams and I was bored so I started to mess with Adria. I guess I started to spit on her and she started to get mad and told me to stop but I didn’t and kept doing it so she smashed my head into the bleachers. I got up with my hand on my head and said “Jeez Adria” she responded “well maybe you shouldn’t spit on me then Connor”. After that I had taken my hand off my head and looked at there was a tone of blood on it that 's when I started crying I went to be and he said, “well maybe you shouldn’t be playing around” and I went to the office. Barb and everybody else at the office was asking what happened, I told them we were playing dodgeball and I stepped on a ball slipped and hit my head on the bleachers.…show more content…
They called my mom up and told her to come get me because I was bleeding pretty bad. My mom had been working up at the grade school lunch at the time, so she was there pretty fast. She had taken me up to the bellville hospital when we arrived they took me in and the doctor said I it wasn’t to bad and just needed to be glued shut. After that my mom and I went to Dairy queen and got good food and I got to stay home instead of going back to school that day thank god. I was still able to go to my friends house after and the cut I have now right above me eye to this day is now a pretty visible scar to this day I think the people at the middle school still don’t know the real
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