Exemplification Essay: Should People Be Judged?

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It seems like every other day there is a story about harassment of assault of a minority on the news. We have a misguiding visualization of our country as a perfect place but it is actually breaking apart. Still, we hope and dream that as time goes on it will become better. We hope that judgement will come from character and action. That we will not be judged by surface features such as race or disability. That police brutality and racial profiling will exit the criminal justice system and leave as with harmonious equality. That women will have access to equal opportunities, freedom, and rights as men, and not be held back and talked down to. Our country, I hope in time, will be a place where people can be who they want and do as they wish without the painful judgement from others. It is a dream that someday what is inside of us will be judged, not what is on the outside. Physical attributes such as race or disabilities do not affect one’s character. Martin Luther King jr. says it best in his I have a Dream speech,”I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but but…show more content…
Everyone deserves to be themselves. It is our character and actions that should be our judge. Such features such as race or disability should not be deciding factors of acceptance and friendship. Race should not be a reason to profile people, especially within the law. Police brutality and profiling, especially black people, needs to stop for racism to leave this country. As our country progresses on, I hope that women will have the same rights as men as well. Women deserve to have equal opportunities and their peers should not talk down to them. Equality and acceptance are a dream that our country will come to someday. The problem now facing us is what it will take to arrive
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