The Role Of Adversity In Horace's Purple Hibiscus

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Domestic violence is one of the biggest problems in this day and age. Most families stay together despite the fact that they are getting hurt.Some parents don’t believe that their spouse is abusing them. Some kids can't view their parents as bad or abusive. Catholicism was brought upon nigeria from the british. They forced catholicism on nigerian and anyone who doesn't practice the religion was considered a heathen. This crested adversity to the people who choose to continue to practice their traditional religion. Roman poet Horace wrote, “ Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant,” In the novel Purple Hibiscus, Kambili’s reactions to adversity proves Horaces ideas is true only…show more content…
Father Amadi and Aunty Ifeoma were moving out of Nsukka and into Germany and America. “He is leaving for missionary work in Germany at the end of the month...I nearly tripped, nearly fell to the floor.” In this section of the novel, Kambili can be characterized as surprised. A surprised person usually is caught off guard. Kambili shows she is surprised by stumbling. This shows lack of growth because the people who had a good influence in her is moving away and she feels as if she wont know what to do back at home. Jaja was telling his father that he and Kambili are visiting Nsukka no matter what he says or how they are going to get there. “ I did not hear what papa said, then i heard Jaja say ‘We are going to Nsukka today, no tomorrow… hand trembling violently. In this section of the novel, Kambili can be characterized as worried. A worried person usually is shaky and nervous. Kambili shows she is worried by listening to Jaja speak with Papa Eugene and her hand trembling. This shows lack of growth because she is scared of what might
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