How Does Diversity Affect My Life

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Throughout my life adversity has always been present. Within my family alone I have struggled a lot with different health issues that have been affecting me since day one. Although some people may think of this as a negative thing in my life, I believe it to be positive because of the way that it has brought my family closer together. Since I was born all I have ever known was blood tester strips hiding in every spot in our house and car, the smell of insulin, and the familiar clunking of a dialysis machine. My mother has type one diabetes and a failed kidney. Every since I have been born we have been struggling with this as a family. My mother has had two pancreas transplants throughout her life and one kidney transplant. She is currently waiting on the donor list for a new kidney. When I was little I basically lived in a hospital with my mother because we were always at doctor’s appointments and dialysis treatments. If I was not at the hospital with my mom I would be with my grandma because she would take care of me when my mom was too tired or just could not take care of me how she should. There were a few good years here or there when she had a working kidney and pancreas throughout her transplants, but then…show more content…
I go to classes every day and I get involved with everything I can to show my mom that I am doing good and that I am trying to make her proud in everything that I do. I am going to become a teacher, which since day one my mom has been telling me that I am going to be great at and that I am going to make the best teacher. I want to become a teacher because of her. I want to make her proud by doing something that I love and by doing something that I can impact other people’s lives with. My adversity may seem like a negative, but it is a positive, because it has made my family grow closer together, and it has helped influence me to chase my dreams and become the person that I want to
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