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In my personal life, it was easy to build up a bubble. I have faced much adversity and hardships during my childhood. During that time, building up a barrier around me was the only way I knew of defending myself mentally, emotionally, and physically. As such, it took a lot of work to develop new ways of dealing with conflict. Through much self evaluation and continued guidance by the role models in my life, I found a sustainable way of breaking through my own bubble. My solution was to focus on self progression. I now use my desire to achieve things beyond my current limitations to break through my bubble every day. I want to reach my goals and immediately set a new ones. I won’t be satisfied sticking with what I have already done. With this perspective on life, it is impossible for me to stay in my comfort zone. I must instead constantly be re-evaluating my thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Because of this, my world view is ever changing and only things that hold true in real world situations get to be a part of my core values.…show more content…
One bad habit I still struggle with Is negativity. This sometimes slows me down. However, I want to challenge this by believing staying out of my comfort zone and I seeing what I could achieve. I will rise above the noise by holding true to my personal values while still being willing to reevaluate anything that is not working . Because I know that what I do matters just as much as what I say, I make sure to not only speak up about my values, but to live them out every day. Consequently, this is the reasoning behind why I choose study journalism. To me, journalism can be the bridge onto which what we believe crosses over and makes a real world impact. I hope that through an editorial platform, I could to do what I love in such a way that is

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