The Importance Of Adversity In Today's Society

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Society is forever evolving, what is acceptable today may not be tomorrow. All humans and societies are unique. Progressive ideas move the masses to be more tolerant of people’s differences and we need to learn to accept these differences. If we, as a society, do not accept diversity then we will only regress. We as humans can overcome adversity by standing up for what we believe in and fighting for life because simply existing is not the same as living. When standing up for what you believe in, your opinion and beliefs can differ from other individuals. Everyone is working towards a different goal and those goals should help better the lives of others. According to Nelson Mandela, “… every individual, … is required to help build that better life for all….” We as a society, have made a steady and plentiful effort to try and overcome the struggles that this nation has been through, such as racism and slavery. In order to build a better life and future for everyone, we must improve individuals and their way of thinking. “ And now the boy is turning to me: ‘Tell me,’ he asks. ‘What have you done with my future? What have you done with your life?’”(Wiesel). We must pave a better path for future generations. Society must help people become better versions of themselves because in turn the world will become a better place, one filled with diversity and acceptance. We want to make sure that we do all we can while we are alive and more than anyone could have imagined.

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