The Importance Of Advertisement In Advertising

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In today 's society, companies make every attempt to touch both customer values and aspirations. These various brands then look to advertise accordingly to what they think the customer wants. They will latch onto people 's aspirations and sell that lifestyle that most people yearn to have. Advertisements appeal to the emotions of the customer, rather than the features and functionalities of the product. Rather than talking about why you should buy the product, advertisements paint a lifestyle that you would want to have and they place their product as a part of that lifestyle. One product that often uses sexual appeal in their advertisements are fragrances and perfumes. They go further than simply campaigning their creations; they sell yet another more desirable product, this product is sex. Scent is intrinsically linked to desire and sexual attraction. Thus these fragrance companies sell us the idea what you supposedly will become, and what will happen if you purchase their fragrance. By using sexual imagery, the advertisements play into one of our deepest human desires. The purpose of putting sex into advertisements is to get the viewer to connect to the product. This is achieved by portraying a sexy and desirable image, which intern will motivate the user to purchase the product. "Sexual information does grab attention," says University of Georgia’s Tom Reichet “As long as people desire to be attractive to others, and as long as people desire romance, intimacy, and love,

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