Sexual Appeal In Advertising

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In today 's society, companies make every attempt to touch both customer values and aspirations. These various brands then look to advertise accordingly to what they think the customer wants. They will latch onto people 's aspirations and sell that lifestyle that most people yearn to have. Advertisements appeal to the emotions of the customer, rather than the features and functionalities of the product. Rather than talking about why you should buy the product, advertisements paint a lifestyle that you would want to have and they place their product as a part of that lifestyle.
One product that often uses sexual appeal in their advertisements are fragrances and perfumes. They go further than simply campaigning their creations; they sell yet
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The advertisement in figure 2 is based upon attractive women in bikinis eagerly sprinting towards an average looking man, vying for his attention as he sprays himself in Lynx spray. The advert is implying that by wearing Lynx, a man instantly becomes more attractive and women will find themselves inexplicably drawn to that man. Yet again the advert is selling the possibility of being desirable and sexy, not the actual product itself. The advert also cleverly uses an average looking man, so that a very large target audience can relate to him. This then reinforces the message that you do not need to look amazing to get beautiful women, but simply need to smell good, which can be achieved by using their lynx…show more content…
The one common denominator in these three scenarios is that the people are drinking Coke. It’s a versatile product, perfect for people of all ages, cultures and income levels and it’s associated with having a good time. The viewer sees how happy the people are in the advert, and intern will purchase a bottle of Coke in hopes of them having the “happiness” that the advert portrays. A few of Coco-Colas slogans over the years include “Have a Coke and a smile” “Life Tastes good” “Open Happiness” and “Life Begins here”.
Apple is another example of a successful lifestyle brand. It markets to people who want to be considered trendsetters, those who always have the latest products. Nowadays, people line up in the early morning to buy the company’s new iPhone. People want to be first to have something new and popular, and Apple’s products have turned that into something. People who use Apple products are typically seen as “cool” or trendy. Most people buy their products because that’s how they want to be perceived. Apple creates settings and lifestyles in their advertisements, which their costumer seeks to
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