The Importance Of Advertising

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Advertising, as one of the television genres, is a prominent discourse type in society (Cook, 2005). Advertising through reflection, reinforces the idea that certain roles are ‘‘‘natural’’ for men and women (Hawkins & Coney, 1976). Kim and Lowry (2005) have argued that portrayals construct a specific portrait of reality and through repetition of these images, viewers adopt certain expectations about the world. This is in line with Cultivation theory which proposes that exposure to a particular view of the world in the media, gradually brings about the adoption of that world as reality (Fullerton and Kendrick, 2000). On the other hand, there are those who argue that advertising mirrors what is present in society (Courtney & Whipple, 1983). According to Schudson, Advertisers use the‘‘reality’’ that is believed to sell their products effectively (1984). Many studies have shown that consistency of the role portrayals with that of the target markets enhances the advertising effectiveness (Duker and Tucker, 1977; Orth and Holancova, 2004). Advertising effectiveness is enhanced through observing the consistency of the role portrayals with the bearings of the intended markets (Michell and Taylor, 1990). Since inconsistency with existing attitudes could bring about a negative reaction from the target viewers, potential buyers, (Bhat et al., 1998; Williams, 1995), therefore, the advertisements would eschew from portraying images that are ground-breaking or unfamiliar. Whether the
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