The Importance Of Advertising In Marketing

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In today’s world, advertising is a commonly discussed type of communication and perhaps the one from which most things are expected. Advertising has become an indispensable phenomenon not only for producers but also, in a sense, for consumers ( The primary objectives of the institutions and establishments, which endeavor to survive in this information age, are to achieve their goals through the most efficient utilization of their physical and human resources; to produce and to market their goods and services; and to derive greater profits. Advertising is one of the most effective applications of marketing communication for enterprises which wish to achieve these objectives, to survive within this competitive environment and to establish a competitive advantage (Yaylacı, 1998, p.43). Intense competition exists within all market sectors for attracting the interest of consumers to different or similar goods and for influencing their purchasing decisions. Accordingly, for institutions or enterprises, advertising is of great importance in drawing the attention of the customers and affecting their choices among numerous products (Oluç, 1990, p.3). On the other hand, advertising, from a consumer viewpoint, is regarded as a guide that helps consumer to choose the most appropriate and rational product for him/herself among the thousands offers on the market so as the best to meet his/her own needs. Advertising, when used for various purposes, such as

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