The Importance Of Affordable Housing

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Affordable housing is a necessary demand in life for people who have low income. According to (Tran, 2015) view that, affordable housing is a worthy resource which has great potentialities in the economy and it has contributed enormously to change the appearance of the city as well as countryside. The target of affordable housing gives the support to the community. For example, affordable housing can give us benefit in all aspects such as it brings profit in business, improving the standard of living and an affordable housing can reduce some of the problems which related to the environment. As a result, the government should build more affordable housing for poor people.
Investing in affordable-housing can bring profit and it is a safe investment for every company. The demand for affordable housing is large and stable, so compared to the commercial housing projects, the investment in social housing projects seems still less risky investment for owners’ investment (Stock investment, 2015). In the same way, supporting low and middle income households to find and live in affordable housing is essential to the competitiveness of the nation’s economy. To illustrate this, a study by Ryder (2015) found that, for every £1comapny invests, housing associations invest up to £6 of their own money. While affordable housing does require investment to make it work, it is still excellent value for taxpayers. It can be said that social housing is a lever for real estate markets in a

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