The Importance Of African Americans In Everyday Life

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An African American is referred to as being a black American around the world. There are many African Americans who have made significant achievements and contributions to our society. Being an African American today has always been challenging and days pass by and we face not being able to succeed because of our skin color. African Americans have been fighting for equality since the birth of this nation, and the ways of mankind will continue on. However, known to many former President Barack Obama has reached all factors of being significant to the world's society. Barack Obama inspires my everyday life, as a young teenager, in many ways. He is outstandingly intelligent, has the brains, the ideas, the loving personality, and the will to be responsible and trustworthy. Not only…show more content…
Supreme Court struck down key portions of the law as unconstitutional, allowing married same-sex couples to finally receive federal protections. In addition, Obama has expanded pell grants for low income students to help pay for college. He signed the stimulus bill, which sent an additional $15.6 billion to the grants and another $200 million to work study programs. Students were approved with a maximum of $5,350 for the school year starting in 2009. This pell grant was a key part of Obama's promise and helped many students with a start in college. With that being said, Obama has made many achievements to the society and will continue to carry on his promising work. In conclusion, Barack Obama inspires many people by the outstanding speeches he gives, his community service, and his belief that, we can all make the world a better place. He has overcome obstacles during his life with great success. His actions throughout his life are evidence that he wants to make the world a better place, influence many people to do the same and create a more peaceful world. I truly am honored to be inspired by Barack Obama's success as a being a leader, role model, and a symbol of
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