Private Tuition Essay

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Most of the institutions are currently taking admission based on the academic standard of the students. This implies that academic results are becoming the main measurement of the quality of a student, in order to secure a position in higher institutions, students have to ensure an outstanding performance in their academic report. In this case, receiving after-school private tuition has become common among students. According to Tse (2014), it is not unfamiliar that teenagers in most of the Asian nations including Japan, Singapore, Korea, Macau as well as Hong Kong are taking private tutoring after school (p. 283). The after-class learning activities may be helpful for the slow-leaners in assisting them to improve the study progress to catch…show more content…
Cheo and Quah (2005) claimed that pupils with the sample are of same capability will be expected to perform a better score if they went to the private tuition (p. 279). Most of the parents assume that their offspring will have improvement on the academic results with the extra classes. This indicates that the private after-school class is adding additional pressure for students and it may destroy their emotional well-being. Teenagers who are joining the private tuition lessons are suffering from the high expectations from their parents. They may lose their confidence and have a low self-esteem when they failed in meeting their parents’ expectations. At the same time, students will also tend to believe that they will obtain higher marks if they were provided the private tutorial. They perceived that the amount of time spending revising their studies with their private tutor will have a positive result of gaining a better grade in class. Therefore, when the outcome is not satisfying, they may think themselves inferior and experienced a low self-value. The after-school tuition lessons foster a false assumption that students will be granted an excellent grade to both of the parents and children, when the anticipations did not happen, the students will be disappointed and consequently, it abolished their mental
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