The Importance Of After-Class Education

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Most of the institutions are currently taking admission based on the academic standard of the students. This implies that academic results are becoming the main measurement of the quality of a student, in order to secure a position in higher institutions, students have to ensure an outstanding performance in their academic report. In this case, receiving after-school private tuition has become common among students. According to Tse (2014), it is not unfamiliar that teenagers in most of the Asian nations including Japan, Singapore, Korea, Macau as well as Hong Kong are taking private tutoring after school (p. 283). The after-class learning activities may be helpful for the slow-leaners in assisting them to improve the study progress to catch up with the others and supporting them to finish their homework more effectively with the extra help from the private tutor. However, exaggerate tuition classes is consider to be destructive in the development of the youngsters. This paper will discuss the how after-school private tuitions impair the independent learning skills, the critical thinking skills and the mental health of the students. The extra tuition lessons are causing negative impacts on the self-determining learning skills of the teenagers. The spoon-fed education style from the out-of-school tuition generates the failure of self-studying of the students. Such phenomenon occurs because pupils have their own personal teacher that guide them for the problems on the

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