Community Education Program Analysis

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According to Healthy People 2020 website (n.d.), a community educational program is one that addresses concerns identified by a set community. The program plays a vital role in preventing injury and disease, enhancing quality of life and improving health. When based in an existing social structure such as a school, prison, worksite, etc., the target group is best reached. These settings maximize influence, decrease the time and resources needed for the program. Ageism is a prevailing problem in American society. By defining and addressing ageism, the goal is to raise awareness of its existence, thereby attempting to decrease it.

Community For this plan, the community to be addressed is the students at a local high school. Its population
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According to Merriam Webster Online Dictionary, ageism is “prejudice or discrimination against a particular age-group and especially the elderly”. The lack of understanding and compassion towards the elderly, which can lead to discrimination, is a concerning prevalent attitude. The younger generations today live in a fast paced society where they live for the next, greatest electronic. It is easy to get caught up in this lifestyle.
The prevalent biases against the elderly are multifaceted. The elderly’s abilities or decrease in abilities are some rationale for the bias while others biases are related to the youth’s own fear of aging. Seeing the elderly as all being incapacitated in some manner is the widest misconception. Making assumptions about their ability to hear, remember, perform complex tasks are generalizations presumed by young adults. This attitude places the younger adults in a position of authority, all knowing or more knowing, which then can lead to disrespect and discrimination. Ageism on the social side can be exhibited as averting eye contact with the elderly, social humor, stereotyping and negative attitudes. On the official side, ageism can include discrimination in employment, public policy, and housing. The aging process, though natural can seem frightening to some, therefore
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At what age do you feel a person is labeled as “old”?
2. What age can a person retire and start collecting social security benefits?
3. How long should an elderly person be able to stay in the work force?
4. What are some common biases about the elderly?
5. Do you have elderly relatives in your life?
6. What is your feeling or biases about them?
7. Are elderly people respected in your family/community?
8. What are some age related health concerns?
9. Do all old people have hearing loss?
10. How old was our oldest president, senator/congressmen, Supreme Court justice?
The final aspect of this program is a three question survey filled out by students and presenting teachers. This would feedback from participant is important to validate the program.
1. What did you learn by this program?
2. Did you like how it was presented?
3. What can be done to improve this program? The program would be evaluated for content, presentation and effectiveness. It would be scheduled annually with the permission of the school district.

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