Aggressive Dog Breeds Essay

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Stereotypical aggressive dog breeds should not be treated any different than other dogs. These idiosyncrasy stereotypes for these ‘aggressive’ dogs are ignoble. There are test now that can tell how aggressive a dog is, causing theses mendacious stereotypes to be eschewed. Aggression has nothing to do with a breed of dog, and people can twist things to make a dog look aggressive. Onus of safety for a community is priority; aggressive dogs are imminent on community safety and need to be punished for it. The Bible calls people to love the earth and take care of God’s creation. All dogs can be dangerous and there are steps that people can take to keep their family safe. Aggression is caused by things out of the dogs control, and there are much worse things in the world. Aggressive Dog Breeds
“Nationwide, the No. 1 reason why dog owners take their pet to a veterinary behaviorist is to manage aggressive behavior” (Dog, 2009). Many people think that there are dog breeds that are very aggressive. When these hackneyed violent dogs can be very sweet. Any dog can be aggressive and can become aggressive; but, that is no reason to kick them out. Stereotypical aggressive dog breeds should not be treated any different for other dogs, because any dog can be aggressive.
Historical/Background Information on Aggressive Dog Breeds
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No matter what people say, all dogs can be dangerous (Veterinarian, 2013). Every dog has features of a predator, like large canines. That is why paying attention to a dog’s body language (Thompson, 2014) is very important. Body language can show how a dog feels about the situation around them. It’s the key to knowing more about dogs and it can keep you safe as well. If a dog displays a body langue of fear, then an aggressive attack could happen. No matter how conferrable you are with dogs, they can be dangerous and reading their body langue can help you
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