The Importance Of Agile Teamwork

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Before we can say that a team is agile, it is important to have a good knowledge of what is an agile methodology and what are the roles associated with it [1]. Delivering high priority work is agile project management value-driven approach. For software projects which change constantly, long delays often cripple the project. Hence, finalizing requirements are expected by customers well before they can test prototypes. Agile Project management is about embracing change, even ate in the development stage. Core features of business are to be delivered first and having real time information to manage closely the schedule, cost and scope. The complexity is reduced by breaking down many months-long cycles of building requirements, building the entire…show more content…
Making a transition to Agile project management is crucial as a route need to be found to get things done with the same amount of resources. This can be very tricky in the transition phase if the team is not used to work in such a way. Breaking of old habits can be difficult even though the project managers need ways to improve the quality of the deliverables as the team are used to other culture[6]. In order to have an effective Agile project team, project managers need to become champions so as to help others in the team to avoid common pitfalls. Some of the challenges faced by the Agile teams are : Welcoming the new processes / procedures. The solution is to corporate in order to overcome the immediate challenge, then work together so as to form the new processes that meet everyone…show more content…
Processes are needed to get things moving smoothly. Team members must be able to side step a process that has become a sticking point until a new alternative is found or created. Meanwhile, a simple communication and the willingness to put yourself in someone else shoes can be an efficient way to work together in order to achieve a common goal. Continuous reinforcement on effective communication is needed by project managers in order to build an effective team. Feedback from customer is an early cornerstone of Agile Project Management. Hence once more, an effective communicator is important for team members to ensure that the correct and exact customer requirements are gathered. Delivering increments to customer early helps software engineers know the purpose behind what they are developing so as they can make it
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