The Importance Of Agriculture In Agriculture

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Agriculture has been playing a significant role throughout the history of mankind. Agriculture used to once dominate human life. It provides food, and employment for people. However, due to the development of industry and services, people currently have less concern about farming than they used to since these two are making more profit than agriculture does. Therefore, it is obvious that the number of people working in agriculture sector is declining day by day. It seems that agriculture does not play an important role anymore. However, in my opinion, it has been marking its vital impacts to human life because it is the source of food, occupation, and raw material, and it also maintains the balance of the environment. Firstly, one of…show more content…
In many peoples opinion, farming and industry are two totally different fields. This two sector is even opposed to each other. However, in reality, agriculture plays a significant role in industrial production by supplying raw material. Then what is raw material? Raw material, also known as a feedstock or most correctly unprocessed material, is a basic material that is used to produce goods, finished products, energy, or intermediate materials which are the feedstock for future finished products. As feedstock, the term connotes these materials are bottleneck assets and are highly important with regards to producing other products. And some of the raw material is produced in agriculture, such as sugar, rubber and so on. According to the Chemical Innovations, raw sugar is used in producing process in industry. In short, for some industries, there will be impossible to manufacture if agriculture don’t provide raw material for them. Agriculture is also needed in industry sector so don’t underestimate the role of agriculture in compare with…show more content…
In ecological farming, farmers will make a full use of all the qualities of the land. Base on the nature of each type of land, people will have a proper farming plan and the right crop plants. By this the valuable habitats could be conserved without being wasted. Furthermore, there are a lot creatures living in a habitat such as insect, worm, bird, field-mouse, and so on. Each creature have its irreplaceable role in the ecosystem and by ecological agriculture, we hold the living habitat for these creatures so that we are able to maintain the balance of the ecosystem. According to Wikipedia, “ecological farming help preventing land erosion, maintain eco-habitat the form of humus, and increased biodiversity” (ecological farming). Overall, agriculture plays a very significant part in conserving and improve environment living

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