The Importance Of Agriculture In Malaysia

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Agriculture, are also known as an occupation of cultivating land, producing crops, and raising livestock has back as a firmly policy agenda not only in other countries also in Malaysia. A total of 329, 847 square kilometers, Malaysia it comprises of 13 states and divided by east and west land areas have shown a huge potential in expanding their agricultural and food production. A lot of effort have been put before and after the country’s independence in order to boost and maintained in the total production in milk, poultry meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, palm oil, cocoa, rubber and paddy (Mohamad Kamal, 2014). Therefore, as a servant of Allah S.W.T, we need to fully utilize the sources that been given by Him, in order to help the community and society in providing a healthy and safety food. As been mentioned in Quran,…show more content…
Behold, verily in these things there are signs for those who understand! “ (Ar-Ra'd 13:4) Unfortunately, agriculture has become a secondary as compared to other sectors such as manufacturing, commercial and service due to the low salaries, rough job and unclear future for the people (Khairul Asfamawi , 2015). The young generation are more attracted in glamorous and comfortable job scope such as a government servant or even in commercial
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