The Importance Of Agriculture In The 1930's

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Uriah Cade
Mrs. Ingles
Honors English 11
26 March 2018
The Importance of Agriculture in the 1930’s In the 1930’s The United States of America had a time of growth in agriculture even in the face of the Great Depression. The Depression caused many farmers to foreclose on farms (Reis 68). The United States had different points in agriculture threw out the 1930’s. Farmers in some parts of the country found wealth in agricultural jobs (Lawrence 1). In other parts of the United States farmers were dealing with drought and bankruptcy (“Dust Bowl 1”). In the 1930’s Agriculture was an important industry and growth of agriculture programs to help farmers.
Farmers in the United States found wealth in agriculture in the 1930’s by distilling
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He says, “By examining the intricacies of the markets for agriculture commodities, such as wheat and corn, he has been able to critique some important evidence for one view of the causes of the Great Depression” (University of Cambridge 2). It is believed that the crisis that happened with the Dust Bowl and the Depression cannot be replicated in today’s market (University of Cambridge 3). Household item prices were caused to go up do to the agriculture crisis. The University of Cambridge explained the price of household items increased because of price and demand. Do to the Dust Bowl farmers were unable to produce products that would be used to make said…show more content…
The United States had a time of growth in agriculture and the importance of agriculture in the 1930’s.

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