What Is My Aim In Life Essay

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Everytime I think about life and why I do not enjoy my current one my thoughts come to one point. In the end a human wants to life to strive for what they perceive as a perfect circumstance, so they have the aim to get there someday or maybe make the path easier for their offspring.

But what happens to a person that has no aims in life? This person is me. There are things I like and things I do not like but at the end of the day I always wonder... Was there any purpose behind what I did that day? And the answer is always: No!

In my mind people strive for a better life, and try to get there by having more power, more luxus and/or more control over their life. If there is no such thing they can get at a point in time this may evolve to helping
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There are always some people like family or friends that do think about you but those will only ask why you did not try harder. What they do not understand is that by trying harder to succeed I have to pull on a masquerade. I have to show people that I fit in although I do not and then day after day start to act as if I was not me.

Act like another person that fits in for such a long time that either I really change myself and fit in or I burn out and complettely break. I do not know for sure but I cannot see another possibility. Everytime I try to make something I enjoy I get halted by expectations other people may have about me. Trying to make art or music or even write is expected to be in a certain way. And this road is caved already, walked thousands of times and the little footsteps that walk away will never be found again.

There are some times where the road splits but that only happens when certain sounds, possibilities and thoughts are enabled through technologic evolution. If you tried to make Dubstep in 1900 it wouldn't even be possible. With being available come people who want it that way, it has been this way and will continue to
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