Alternative Media Characteristics

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Research on alternative or independent media coverage of news events is plainly lacking, despite a rather vibrant and organized alternative media in America and around the world. Given the ease with which people today can publish information online, the present research was designed to analyze the two separate media which is traditional and alternative media. Traditional media, known as what some of us refer to as an old media, has been used in the marketing, publishing and advertising world for years before. When related to advertising, traditional media encompasses that of television, newspaper, radio and magazine ads. These forms of communication are the fastest ways that businesses have reached both consumers and other companies for decades. They are the roots of advertising and the most common form utilized by businesses which uses on a daily basis. Though…show more content…
Past studies either particularly focused on what characteristics of sources made them credible, what medium were credible, or what made messages credible. This study explored the relations and interrelations of source, media and news characteristics. Past research studied these concepts separately, this study grouped them together. This research hypothesized that source, medium and news characteristics are attributes of the credibility of mediated news report in general. Therefore, this research explored the extent these constructs boost or take away credibility of mass media news. The advances of the internet technology posted the effect to the newspaper circulation for example. There is no doubt that Malaysian online newspaper have gained from the ‘loophole’, derived from Mahathir’s pledge not to censor the purpose of the internet functions in 1995 as he introduced the Multimedia Super Corridor project (

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