The Importance Of Alternative Tourism

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The existence of alternative tourism has been present for a number of years (Jones, 1992). Alternative tourism has been known at an early stage as a formal concept which wanted to adopt a restricted perspective. For example, (Dernoi, 1981)discussed about homestay tourism as a form of alternative tourism where tourists stay in local residential houses for their accommodation (Weaver, 2013). It has as well been said that alternative tourism began to gain importance from the 1980s, when it was defined in contrast to conventional mass tourism as tourism that no longer concentrates on economic and technical necessitates alone, but rather emphasises the demand for an unspoiled environment and consideration for the needs of local people (Fennell,…show more content…
Rural tourism is known to have increased in its diversity, this form of sustainable tourism has been around for many years, it has been known and dated back in agriculture from a number year. Society changes on a daily basis and shifting onto sustainable development of tourism in order for people to be aware of this matter local government as well as citizens need to think of ways in promoting sustainability as well as to influence people in their ways of thinking that sustainability is an important element in preserving as well as maintaining the life cycle of the nature we have (Cooper, 2012). Rural tourism falls into two main sectors which is known as community-based rural tourism as well as theme farm based, which being said both of these sectors have an impact on the local communities (Chuang, 2013). (Simpson, 2008) The purpose of having rural tourism is to allow the entrepreneurs , practitioners as well as stakeholders to know the importance in preservation who can then find solutions to see how the local community could benefit from solving necessary problems in the community as well as to know how to develop the community in a way to preserve what is already there, and not taking away what belongs to the local people (Chuang,…show more content…
Through promoting alternative tourism, the author believes it would gain a number of benefits from this statement, as in order to enhance sustainability in particular of where environment is of concern, the author feels the most direct way of promoting as well as raising awareness on enhancing sustainability to the environment would be through positive reinforcement in educational awareness. Through sustainable educational travel programs, it gives the student a further understanding of the changes the environment is facing each day as well as the effects and consequences we will need to encounter if these issues are not address, or looked after by future generations. These programs are also designed to enable the students to gain knowledge of the importance in maintaining and looking after the environment in a protective

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